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BioPhotas, Inc. Limited Warranty


BioPhotas, Inc., makers of Celluma Light Therapy devices, provides a limited warranty which is a guarantee that when the conditions set out in this document are met, BioPhotas, Inc. promises to repair at no-cost to the user, or, if necessary, replace a product sold by BioPhotas with a 2-year period of time that starts on the date of delivery of the product. Customers can add a third year with the 1-year extended warranty available here.

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Warranty Period

Where the warranty applies, the devices are covered for a period of 2-years from the date of delivery, or 3-years from the date of delivery for customers who purchased the extended warranty at the time of purchase.

What is Covered by Warranty

BioPhotas, Inc. provides a limited warranty against:

  • Shipping damage
  • Manufacturing defects, and component defects that prevent the operation or function of the device
  • For battery operated devices, defective batteries

For all devices that are under warranty, BioPhotas will cover the cost of shipping in both directions to an authorized repair location.


Accidental Damage

Accidents happen, and BioPhotas, Inc.’s warranty does not provide coverage for accidental damage. These incidents are considered user-induced and fall outside the realm of warranty protection. Examples of accidental damage are:

  • Dropping the device
  • Connecting the device to an incorrect power supply
  • Incorrectly disconnecting the power supply from an electrical outlet
  • Using incorrect cleaning or disinfecting materials on the device
  • Damage caused by pets or pests

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage is a common peril faced by electronic devices. However, BioPhotas’ warranty explicitly excludes coverage for damage caused by moisture. This includes incidents like:

  • Submerging a device in water
  • exposure to excessive moisture, such as perspiration and liquid spills.

To protect against liquid and perspiration damage, it is advisable to invest in water resistant covers that are available for purchase from Celluma.com for the devices and use caution when handling electronic devices around water sources.

Intentional Damage

BioPhotas’ warranties are intended to protect against defects and malfunctions, but they do not cover damages caused intentionally by the user. Any deliberate damage inflicted on a product, such as physical alterations, dismantling, or unauthorized repairs, will void the warranty. It is essential to follow proper usage guidelines and refrain from tampering with the product to maintain warranty coverage.

Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic damage refers to superficial flaws that do not affect the functionality of a product, such as scratches, dents, or worn-out finishes.

BioPhotas’ warranties exclude coverage for cosmetic damage after delivery unless it is directly linked to a manufacturing defect that impacts the performance or operation of the device. While these blemishes may be aesthetically displeasing, they are considered normal wear and tear and are not eligible for warranty repairs.

Battery Degradation

Batteries have a limited lifespan, and over time, they naturally lose their capacity to hold a charge. While BioPhotas’ warranty covers defective batteries, they do not provide coverage for normal battery degradation. It’s essential to understand that the performance of batteries will naturally diminish over extended use, and the cost of battery replacements are not covered under warranty.

Acts of Nature

Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or lightning strikes are considered unforeseeable events beyond the control of BioPhotas. Consequently, damages caused by such acts of nature are not covered by BioPhotas. To protect against these risks, customers may need to explore additional insurance options or take preventive measures to safeguard their products in areas prone to natural disasters.

Unauthorized Modifications

If a product is modified or altered without proper authorization, it will void the warranty. This includes software modifications, hardware alterations, or installing unofficial third-party components. Engaging in such activities not only risks damage to the product but also eliminates any coverage provided by the warranty. Consumers should refrain from making unauthorized modifications if they wish to preserve their warranty rights.

Normal Wear and Tear

BioPhotas’ warranty policy excludes coverage for normal wear and tear. Everyday use, including minor scuffs, fading, or performance decline due to regular usage, is not considered a defect. It is important to note that the duration of the warranty period varies, and products may exhibit signs of wear and tear over time. Understanding what is classified as normal wear and tear helps manage expectations regarding warranty coverage.

Third-Party Repairs

Opting for repairs conducted by unauthorized third-party service providers will void the warranty. BioPhotas requires repairs to be carried out by authorized service centers or technicians to ensure quality and preserve warranty coverage. Taking the product to an unauthorized repair shop not only risks further damage but also nullifies the warranty protection. Users should always consult BioPhotas or authorized distributors for repairs to retain warranty benefits.

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