Patients benefit from our all-in-one LED light therapy devices designed to manage a variety of pain and skin conditions.

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A Closer Light Source Makes A Better Treatment

Patented technology allows our light sources to get closer to the body by utilizing the inverse square law, maximizing light therapy potential more than any other LED device.

Science Behind Celluma

Grow your practice and enhance results with the award-winning Celluma Series.

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Celluma offers a convenient solution in our versatile, all-in-one systems.

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While similar LED devices on the market claim similar results, they often require you to buy multiple panels and accessories in order to treat specific conditions or accommodate different parts of the body.

more effective than otherlight therapy LED devices

Celluma products are FDA cleared* for pain management and skin conditions, Celluma uses light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells.

See The Results *Celluma is not FDA-cleared for use by children under 12 years of age.
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Why FDA-Cleared is Important to You?

The FDA regulates any “medical claims” made by device manufacturers. Accordingly, before any medical claims can be legally made by a device manufacturer, those claims must be reviewed by the FDA for both efficacy and safety. The FDA does not test devices themselves, however they thoroughly analyze the data submitted by manufacturers, or “sponsors” to ensure that the claims made about the device as substantiated and that users of the products can expect effective and safe performance, relative to the claims.

Having a medical light therapy device “cleared” by the FDA is a rigorous, time-consuming and expensive process. Medical device manufacturers that pursue FDA-clearance are demonstrating to the public their commitment to providing safe and effective products. Essentially, they are putting their money where their mouth is. As such, medical devices that are granted FDA-clearance are made by companies who have the public interest in mind and don’t try to circumvent federal regulations in taking their products to market.

By choosing FDA-cleared medical devices you are assured that appropriate regulation and authoritative oversight has been conducted. FDA-clearance means that the device you are purchasing has been confirmed efficacious and safe when used as directed. In order for a medical device to receive FDA-clearance, each component of the device must pass inspection - including each of its sources, suppliers, and manufacturers. Without FDA regulation, neither the device itself nor its suppliers are held accountable to quality controls or manufacturing standards, resulting in a product that may be considerably less effective and oftentimes significantly less safe than FDA-cleared devices.

Celluma LED devices are FDA-cleared to treat the following conditions:

  • Wrinkles
  • Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris
  • Diminished Local Blood Circulation
  • Muscle & Joint Stiffness
  • Muscle Tissue Tension
  • Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Arthritic Pain

Celluma is also CE Marked in the European Union as a Class IIa Medical Device for Dermal Wound Healing and is the only device of its kind to achieve such status.

Clinical Research

See why Celluma is a prefered low-level light therapy device for wellness, pain, and skin specialists.

Anti-Aging Pain Management Acne Treatment Wound Healing

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The Celluma family of products can be found in the offices of doctors and estheticians across the country.

Patients are seeing unparalleled results
Urszula Alexksandra's European Skin Care

Celluma creates a relaxing spa atmosphere for my clients. It's one of the best investments I've made in my business.

Trecy Marr L.E. Trinity Esthetics

I've been utilizing LED for years but the Celluma panel has made the treatment oh so much easier. You do need to have LED very close to tissue which is why the Celluma is a lifesaver. Love, love, love the ability to wash, scrub, extract, LED, treat, mask, etc, and be done. The results are fantastic!

Dr. Beth Kiser Dr. Beth Kiser

My husband has used the Celluma for three days in a row on multiple body parts and he is happy to report that the unrelenting heel pain is decreasing. Happy Day!!! The left wrist gets used and abused quite a bit, but he has more hope now that his guitar playing days won't be over and he will be able to continue to make art with his hands. Update: when my husband got out of bed this morning, his heel pain wasn't there...for the first time in, well, we can't remember how long... with only 8 consecutive days of using the Celluma!! Thank you so very much!

Jenny Zarate L.E. Montara, CA

I was a bit hesitant at investing in a Celluma, but I shouldn't have hesitated; I couldn't be happier. The results are fast and remarkable. My clients love it. I love it. On another note, the customer service is beyond amazing. They are quick to respond to questions and inquiries and beyond friendly! Thanks for transforming my business!

Elyse Helene L.E. Love Skin Nashville - Nashville, TN

LOVE Celluma! One of my favorite necessities to my treatment room! I have been a licensed Esthetician for 9 years and have no idea how I lived without this before! I have clients with acne and Celluma helped rid and smooth out the texture. For clients with aging skin; their skin starts looking firmer & tighter. Many clients call this my "magic light," because to them it really is magic! I could go on and on about the stories and positive results with this device, but that would be too much to read. Lastly, you can have a good product, but the customer service and support is on par as well (which can be hard to find), every time I call in to ask a question, everyone is so helpful & friendly. I would highly recommend trying a treatment with Celluma or buying the device.