The BEST Natural Acne Treatment For Fast Results

When you think about your teenage years, awkward haircuts, braces, and acne might come to mind. It’s practically a rite of passage into puberty and a dreaded inevitability of “growing up.” Sure, we’ve all experienced the occasional whitehead, blackhead, or...

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Inside Infrared: Your Favorite Light Facial Can Also Help With Chronic Pain

Light Therapy Is About More Than Looking Good – It’s Feeling Good, Too When you think about light therapy, visions of Instagram influencers with fluorescent faces might come to mind. While light therapy is an excellent tool to combat outward...

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Top 4 Things To Consider Before Investing In A Light Therapy Device

Light masks are everywhere right now. If you follow the skin care world in the slightest, you’ve probably seen these glowing LED masks worn by celebrity A-listers such as Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen. There are hundreds of light therapy...

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Best Acne Treatment

I Know Your Struggle. Acne. The dreaded skin condition that affects tens of millions every year. Its presence provokes physical, mental, and social anguish. That may sound extreme, but if you’ve lived with acne...

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The Next Big Thing in Anti-Aging in 2019

For as long as we can remember, humans have pursued ways of minimizing the effects of aging. We do this because we all want to get the most joy and fulfillment from our finite time on earth. We want more...

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