5 Things to Look for in a Home Red Light Therapy Device

July 26, 2020 Home Red Light Therapy Device

For many, red light therapy is a new concept and the variety of machines available can be overwhelming. In order to select the best device for you and your family, it is crucial to understand the difference between a non-credentialed machine and an FDA-cleared, medical device which has been proven by science and research. If you are considering a home red light therapy machine, read on to learn the five things you should look for when researching a device before you purchase.


The first thing you want to look for is a quality device that has been properly vetted. A machine that has been reviewed and cleared by the FDA will have undergone strict guidelines in order to achieve FDA-clearance so you know you are purchasing a machine that is both safe and effective. You also want to make sure a device has a good warranty and the company stands behind their product with good manufacturing practices and excellent customer service. All Celluma Light Therapy products are FDA cleared and are supported by a team of experts and professionals.


Once you find the red light therapy machine you are interested in, check the research to make sure that whatever claims the company is making are backed by science. Are there peer reviewed and reputable studies published in credible medical or scientific journals? This is another reason that FDA clearance is so important. If it’s gone through the rigorous process of being reviewed by the FDA, then you know there is science and research to back it up. Check out all the research here at celluma.com to understand just how effective Celluma Light Therapy can be for you, your family, and even your pets!

Treatment Options

You also want to make sure you have options. There are devices on the market that are single modality, meaning they treat only one condition. For example, some devices only treat acne and other devices only treat pain. With today’s technological advances, the best and most versatile machines will be able to treat a wide variety of conditions. Look for a device that is cleared to treat the particular conditions you are interested in managing, something that treats the whole body and something that the rest of the family can use, too. You don’t need to purchase multiple machines for different conditions. Make sure you check out the Celluma POD, PRO/iPRO, LITE/iLITE, DELUX/DELUX XL for great examples of devices that can treat multiple conditions.

Using Home RED LED Device


And just like multiple treatment options gives you more bang for your buck, you want affordable options that fit your needs. For example, are you looking for a blue light therapy machine to treat your teenager’s acne or are you looking for a red light therapy device that will combat those facial lines and wrinkles, and help with arthritis pain? Are you looking for something small and easy to travel with, or do you want something that will cover a large area of the body? Celluma Light Therapy offers 11 different models to choose from starting at just $299!



And finally, you want something that is safe and easy to use. You don’t want a device that requires a physics degree to operate and you don’t want something clunky that takes up a lot of space. You also want something that can be easily disinfected and cleaned. Celluma devices can be positioned flat, stored easily, and Celluma devices are the only combination red light therapy, blue light and near-infrared light therapy machines on the market offering Hygiene Barriers for most models.

So, if you are looking for light therapy devices that check all of these boxes, you’ve come to the right place! Click the link to talk to a Clinical Specialist today!

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*Disclaimer: LED Light Therapy is safe and shown clinically to be effective for a range of indications, however individual results may vary, and there is no assurance of a specific benefit for any such indications.

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